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BanaTeam Story

One day in March 2022, holding a warm cup of tea in hands and looking far away from the 11th floor of a Technology complex in Tehran, a mind-blowing question came up:

Why are there many people encountering Teamwork problems? Why are people always wondering about ideal teamwork?

This was the spark to start the BanaTeam story...

We are Bana, a knowledge-based company, working since 2017, providing different programs for talent development in the Bana Talent accelerator. ”BanaTeam” is our new product that can unlimitedly help you to choose your career path (Entrepreneurship or Employment), improve teamwork, and select competent startup founders to invest in!

BanaTeam services are fully online and you can benefit from them anywhere in the world.

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BanaTeam Core Values

We don’t fear change and we go boldly to the unknown.

We are trustworthy and we do respect privacy.

We accept others for who they are.

We try to learn something new every day.

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions are aligned.

BanaTeam Mission

BanaTeam is a safe online platform for recognizing and assessing the personal preferences, personality traits, entrepreneurial competencies, and core values of every team member. We provide an analytical report to help you discover yourself more than ever. We benefit from top-ranked scientific journal articles on organizational and personal development subjects. We do respect our first-hand experience of working with smart founders and stand in a Design position between academics and practitioners in Entrepreneurship and Human resource management.

If you use the BanaTeam as a person, you are analyzed from different aspects by your own choice and will receive a Personal Report.

For Startup Investors who have a portfolio, we report the risks and competitive advantages of any startup management team that they care about and also highlight opportunities for investing in competent startup founders in the deal flow.

BanaTeam Vision

We want to make self-assessment available for everyone, in a professional way.

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We believe that the only way to real growth is to overcome communication dead ends in working teams. Learning more about the differences between each side and preparing to encounter challenges in the future, will also help.

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We provide tools for self-assessment and we believe by improving working teams we can build a better world.

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