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What is Value Assessment?

As a founder or a manager, you should work with people around you. Your team is the most valuable asset in your organization and you know that successful teams don’t happen by accident. Value assessment is a process to recognize your team's core values, giving you a vivid picture of each teammate's priorities. Knowing your people better than ever, this will help you to keep your people happy, satisfied and fulfilled with their team.

You can recognize core values of your teammates with BanaTeam assessment. Make a profile for your organization, add anyone who you care about in your team. They will be notified to complete an online assessment privately. The results will be saved on their User profile and are accessible forever. You will be notified to reach out to the final team report that shows values priorities in your team, helping you create your own team core values.

Why do you need a value assessment?

To make more informed decisions

To set meaningful goals

To improve teamwork in the workplace

To lead a more fulfilling life

Why BanaTeam Value Assessment?

Enjoy your free Value assessment from 20 April till 20 May!


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  • For individuals just getting started to uncover the values that drive them.

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  • For Organizations that need to identify their team's values with confidence.

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  • For individuals and organizations want to add mentorship and training sessions.


Yes, and we also have Farsi for people who want to enjoy it. You can change the language of BanaTeam website from footer.

As an individual, your can take your assessment whenever you want, and it will take time at about 20 minutes. Then you can enjoy the results instantly.

Great! You can sign up as an organization and select the Business package. You can add as many teammates as you want, get them all do the assessment and after that you can push the bottom to generate your final team report. This report shows you the diversity of values in your team and the most popular ones.

Yes. purchase Basic Package for every team member before starting a Business Package. Also, if your team members have the BanaTeam value assessment results in their profile, you shouldn’t pay anymore and can continue to generate the Team Report.