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Our Vision

We provide cognitive tools and we believe that we can build a better world by improving individuals and teams.

Our Mission

By providing an analytical report, we help you to know yourself better than ever.

Our Goal

We want team assessment to be accessible to everyone and professionally done by themselves.

Team Assessment

Are you looking to build a high-performing team that shares your organization's values and vision? Our cutting-edge value assessment service is designed to help you discover the perfect match for your team, ensuring a seamless cultural fit and driving your organization towards success

With BanaTeam, you can:

  • Identify candidates with values that align with your organization
  • Build a cohesive and motivated team for long-term success
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and reduce turnover
  • Improve decision-making and problem-solving within your organization

Don't leave your team's success to chance. Harness the power of values-driven assessments and transform your organization today.

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Self Assessment

Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of your true values and beliefs? Our Self Value Assessment is designed to help you uncover your core values, guiding you towards greater self-awareness, personal growth, and success in all aspects of life.

With BanaTeam, you can:

  • Identify your personal values and understand how they influence your decisions
  • Align your life goals and career aspirations with your true values
  • Enhance your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Strengthen your relationships and communication skills by understanding your values and those of others

Take charge of your personal growth journey and uncover the values that drive you. Empower yourself with self-knowledge and unlock your full potential today.

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Our Clients Stories

“ Based on the knowledge that managers and human resources have gained about employees during their period of activity, it was necessary to perform assessment tests so that human resources can come to the conclusion of how accurate their gained knowledge is. This assessment will be used for topics such as employee behavioral assessments, training and development programs, as well as new interviews and conversations with employees. ”

Ms Ahadi - Shokouh Qotb Arvand

“ It was necessary to get an analysis with an assessment of the employees, and using the report, we came up with some useful points, but considering that the new activity in the field of human resources in the organization requires time and research and development, it has not yet been implemented. ”

Ms Azizi - Zir Sakht Dade Markaz Eram