Privacy Policy

  • last review: March 2023

Fully aware of the Privacy Policy, Users express their consent to collect and process their data by the Company. BanaTeam's Privacy Policies are as follows:

  1. Information that are collected and processed include:
  2. all the data and information that Users provide to create User Account and receive individual and team assessment Services from BanaTeam, as well as all information that is related to the use of BanaTeam by the Users, including Name and Family Name, email address, birth date, gender, mobile number, date of starting their job at the Organization, the Organization establish date, number of the Organization’s staff, answer sheets of Tests, all the information and data collected from google analytics on Users’ way of entering to BanaTeam, Users behaviors, conversion rate, Users stay on BanaTeam and their type of device.

  3. The purpose of collecting and processing data is:
  4. To create User Accounts, provide and improve individual and team assessment Services, improve Tests, evaluate, analyze, and improve BanaTeam performance, and the Users’ experience.

  5. The company is obliged to collect, process, and use users' data according to the abovementioned objectives. In this regard Users agree and confirm that Company is entitled to share their information with Google analytics.
  6. To protect Users’ data the Company is committed to store data with proper software, hardware, and method. In accordance with the nature of virtual and online-based activities, since data protection cannot be fully guaranteed, the company will do its best effort.
  7. The company does not have any liability to protect users' data on other sites and applications of which users have been entered and registered through advertisements and hyperlinks on BanaTeam (Third party links). Therefore, it is necessary for users to read the respected terms and conditions and privacy policies related before taking any action.
  8. Users are entitled to request for data erasure. The company will erase the data in compliance with the laws and regulations within a reasonable time unless such erasure is prohibited by judicial order.
  9. In the cases of team assessment or the cases paid by the Organization, any data deletion request by each team member shall result in data deletion of the respected User from both individual and Organization’s User Account.

  10. In addition to the abovementioned terms Users residing in the European Union shall have the following rights:
    1. Users shall be entitled to question the Company whether their data is being processed or not and to have access to their personal data.
    2. Users are entitled to edit and revise their personal data within a reasonable time and without any delay.
    3. Users are entitled to ask the Company for limited process of their personal data.
    4. Users are entitled to receive their personal data given to BanaTeam in a structured, common, and machine-readable format and also transfer them to another website.
    5. Users are entitled to object to the processing of her/his personal data by the company at any time due to the illegality of the method or purpose of processing. In this case, the company shall stop processing data unless there are legitimate reasons and interests
    6. The User is entitled to revoke its consent to processing its personal data by the Company, in this regards User should: First) stop its use of BanaTeam, second) notify the Company with its request to stop processing the User’s personal data. In this regard, Company shall stop processing data unless there are legitimate reasons.
    Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property rights related to the Services of the Company and BanaTeam in any form (Including processes, technical and form design, algorithms, executive methods, software, reference of the software, codes, structure of content and reports, logos, trademarks, brands, visuals, plans, graphics, text and content being used in the BanaTeam) are owned exclusively by the Company, and any actions from the Users (directly or indirectly) which violates the rights ( including publishing the result of the assessments and reports without considering the right of the Company, copying, publicizing, utilizing to develop other software) shall be considered as violation of the rights of the Company, and the User shall be the sole responsible for compensating related damages. User’s request shall apply to future processing of data and the previous processes shall not be subject of such request.

    Governing Law
    1. The provision of the Terms and users’ utilization of the Banateam shall be governed and construed in accordance with the law of Iran.
    2. Any dispute arising from this document, the Company and Users try to settle the dispute with negotiation. In case of failure in settling the situation, the dispute shall be submitted to the Arbitration Center of the Iran Chamber (ACIC) for binding and final arbitration in accordance with the Law of Statute of the Arbitration Center of the Iran Chamber and Arbitration Rules of ACIC by one arbitrator.