Terms & Condition

  • last review: March 2023

This document outlines the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of using “Banateam.com” services and is drafted to inform Users from such conditions.


The following definitions apply to the terms used in this document:

  • Company: Means Banian Andishehaye Noavarane Ayandeh (Private Joint-stock) company.
  • BanaTeam: Means the website owned and operated by the Company “Banateam.com”.
  • User/s: Means individuals or entities who visit “Banateam.com” or/and use Banateam services by connecting to the internet and creating user account on the website.
  • User Account: Means the account created by users on BanaTeam.
  • Services: Means the services which the Company provides to Users via BanaTeam. The services include individual assessment and team assessment (for the company’s staff and teams). detailed descriptions of each service are also available at the Services tab on BanaTeam.
  • Organization: Means the User who has submitted a request on BanaTeam for using team assessment services.
  • Test: Means the various types of personality and career typology tests available on BanaTeam.
  • User Account
    1. Creating User Account on BanaTeam is free of charge.
    2. Users are prohibited from creating User Account for third parties (individuals and entities other than the User). In cases of creating User Account for legal entities, the person creating the account acts as the authorized representative of the legal entity and is responsible for having prior approval for such actions.
    3. individuals younger than 18 are not eligible to create User Account. To access or use our Services, you must be 18 years or older and have the requisite power and authority to enter these Terms.
    4. Users are obliged to enter accurate and reliable information for creating User Account on BanaTeam.
    5. The User Account belongs to the Users and must be solely used by them.
    6. Users are obliged and responsible for maintaining the security of their username and password, and Users confirm that all actions that occur in connection with their User Accounts in BanaTeam are attributed to them and their exclusive will.
    7. Users shall be able to edit their information by logging in to their User Account.
    8. For deleting their User Accounts, Users can submit their deletion request to the Company. The Company shall delete their User Accounts and all the respected information from BanaTeam in compliance with the laws and regulations unless such action becomes prohibited by judicial order.
    Users Rights and Obligations

    By accepting the terms and conditions on this page, Users confirm and undertake that:

    1. Having created the User Account and using BanaTeam services, they have read and accepted the terms and conditions and privacy policy on this page. All clauses in this document can be modified or revised at any time for any reason, and the changes shall be reflected on the respected section immediately. Users continued use of the BanaTeam Services shall mean accepting all the terms and privacy policies and changes to them.
    2. They read the Test’s instructions and guidelines before taking any Test.
    3. Answer the tests questions within the suggested time frame honestly and accurately.
    4. After the payment, answering to the questions and editing the answers shall not be possible, in this regard it is advised to answer the question carefully.
    5. In cases of team assessment request submitted on BanaTeam by the Organization:
      1. the Organization is obliged to enter the correct and accurate email address of the team members on BanaTeam, in this regard Organization is obliged to get prior consent of them to provide BanaTeam with their email address.
      2. Organization is obliged to enter the correct and accurate number of team members and get their prior consent on taking the tests.
      3. In case of any unpermitted action, incomplete answers to the Tests by the team members and entering the wrong email address by the Organization, Company shall have no responsibility including (refunding the test fee, editing the email address etc.) and Organization shall bear all the responsibilities. This shall not include the limited cases of typographical errors taken place by the Organization.
    6. Individual and team assessments’ results shall be accessible through the User Account for 1 (one) year.
    7. Team assessment results requested by the Organization shall be available on their personal User Account and the Organization’s User Account, in this regard Users declare their absolute and irrevocable consent with this process.

    8. Users can contact the Company (for reporting any problem or disruption in BanaTeam, requiring support, or submitting any request) by sending email to info@banateam.com or calling +9821- 54406009 (Saturday to Wednesday from 9:00 to 18:00).
    9. Users shall bear all the responsibilities of breaching the Terms and Conditions and the User is obliged to compensate all damages caused to the company or third parties.
    Company’s rights and obligations
    1. Company shall put its best effort to provide high quality Services to the Users.
    2. Company shall put its best effort to provide Users with optimum access to use BanaTeam Services through their devices. In this regard, Company disclaims any guarantee providing computer devices, internet access and removing any limitations or disruption related to it.
    3. The Company is entitled to store and process the User’s data in compliance with the Privacy Policy.
    4. The Company is prohibited from displaying, publishing or disclosing Users’ information for third parties unless with the Users consent expressed or in compliance with laws and regulations or judicial order to do so.
    5. The Company is obliged to use all its efforts to properly respond to Users and solve their problems in using BanaTeam.
    6. Providing individual and team assessments services shall be based on scientific methods and experimental knowledge. Company shall not guarantee any specific result and has no liability to provide User’s with their expected results. The responsibility of any exploitation of the results of individual and team assessment is solely on the Users, and the Company shall not bear any responsibility in this regard. For example, in case any of the users decides to start/change her/his job or career based on the Tests’ results, all the responsibilities shall be beard by the User solely.
    7. Providing “Assessing investment Opportunities” and “consulting” services by the Company is subject to entering into written agreement with the Company and is excluded from the terms set forth in this document.
    8. The Company is entitled to contact Users through email, phone call and etc.
    9. In case of violating the Terms and Conditions set forth in this document by the Users or judicial orders, the Company is entitled to block User Account of the violators temporarily or permanently or terminate their User Account and related data.
    Services Fee
    • Individual Assessment Services:
      1. In order to use individual assessment Services, users can receive individual assessment results after completing the test and payment of the fee.
      2. Users are expected to choose the Tests carefully before making any payment. The fees are not refundable.
    • Team Assessment Services:
      1. Considering there are two possible ways to use team assessment Services, Organization confirms that:
        • a) In order to receive team assessment Services for individual staff, they will pay the respected fee according to the number of employees and the types of tests they have chosen.
        • b) In order to receive team assessment Services other than employee assessment. first, they will pay the respected fee according to the number of Team members. Then, they will pay the respected fee according to the number of requests on BanaTeam for receiving the team’s assessment reports. In this case, the fees paid by the Organization include the costs of providing the analytical report on the status of the team.
      2. Organizations need to select the type of team assessment services, the number of reports required, the number of team members for assessment, and the types and number of Tests accurately before making any payment. The fees are not refundable.
      3. Legal entities will be provided with official invoice of payment if they request for and submit the required information.